The Boondocks Season 2 Episode 9: The Invasion of the Katrinians

In wake of hurricane Katrina, McGruder made this episode to show his take on the aftermath of Katrina on the people who were affected by it and the people who take in their displaced families. In August of 2005 was when Katrina had wreaked havoc on levees in New Orleans and caused thousands of dollars in damage to homes and towns. Not to mention the many deaths and displaced families living in New Orleans. This episode aired December of 2007 two years after Katrina where there had been not much government reconstruction and much fleeing of native Louisianans.

The Freeman’s unfortunately had family in New Orleans that were pushed out of their home and decided to stay with Granddad and the boys. I think that helping family is important especially in tragic time of Katrina. The only problem I have with family staying with family is that the guests who are family have a dynamic that they are used to and are not aware sometimes of the hardship they may put on their family that is helping them. The other Freeman’s cousin Jericho voiced by comedian Cedric the Entertainer and his family Peter and Skate Boy and Eddie Chan all voiced by actor Greg Ellis, Teena Marie voiced by child actress Jamai Fisher.


Granddad did the honorable thing by helping cousin Jericho and his family. I think he truly felt sympathy for his family. However, he had enough of them and wanted them out of his house. I think the dilemma is what do you do when your family is disrupting the way you live at home and how do you tell them to leave when they might not have a place to go? I would not want to be in Granddad’s position because I would not know what to do. I rated this episode 4 out of 5.


The Boondocks Season 2 Episode 8: Ballin’

The fate of Tom’s unsuccessful child basketball team depends on Riley’s talent. Tom never really saw Riley’s basketball skills only the tricks he was showing off when Granddad tried to help him practice in front of the garage. The basketball skills would give more depth to Riley’s character like with Huey who is gifted in forms of martial arts and a revolutionary as he proclaims. This would definitely be Riley’s trait of competitiveness but would not take away from his artistic side depicted in the episode Riley Wuz Here and compared to Huey’s artistic side of being a profound speaker. I think this is why McGruder chooses to have Huey narrate most of the episodes.

Riley’s showing off and tricks are something seen done by street ball players and popularized by Refer Alston drafted by the NBA in 1998.He was videotaped doing these tricks while playing basketball and the tape was sent to And1 by his high school coach which lead to an endorsement deal for Alston. Now the And1 shoe company has a street ball team that travels around the world challenging other street ball teams. They have created mix tapes of the street ball players playing, sneakers, and video games to promote the And1 brand and it has been successful.

The interest of Riley in the And1 culture would make someone like me assume that Riley would have the street ball skills of these players. His imitation of the tricks is the only thing I think he practiced. Once Tom recruits, Riley for his team is when the arrogance begins in Riley. I think that instead of trying to be part of a team and practicing like everyone else Riley thought too highly of himself. He knew that Tom was desperate for his team to win since they always lost and took advantage of it by acting as if he deserved to be treated as if he was the best. I mean I would not have offered Riley a thing nor would I have changed the uniforms just to have him on my team.


While watching this episode I was sure Riley was going to be a monster on the court but to my surprise he was not even very good. Matter of fact he sucked because he never practiced actually shooting the ball into the basket. His opponent Cindy McPhearson voiced by voice actress Tara Strong was just as cocky as Riley but she had the talent, tricks, and mind games to back it up. I know that Tom wished that Cindy was apart of his team when he watched her play. Just as I thought that McGruder was going to be predictable and let Tom’s team win for the first time he surprised me by making them lose. I guess this story was to teach Riley that practice makes perfect and there is no “I” in team. I rate this episode a 4 out of 5.

The Boondocks Season 2 Episode 7: Shinin’

The recent addition to the neighborhood, Thugnificent has made his presence known in Woodcrest with lavish mansion and parties. It is no secret that Riley takes a liking to the lifestyle Thugnificent and his posse Flonominal voiced by rapper Busta Rhymes and Macktastic voiced by rapper Snoop Dogg portray. It is also no secret that Granddad is not in favor of Thugnificent and his crew made evident in the episode The Story of Thugnificent.

Riley is warned by Granddad to stay away from the rapper’s home but Riley was intrigued and wanted to be part of their crew. While watching this on the computer it seemed predictable that Riley would do what he wanted. As a I child I was curious and did the same but now when I watch TV I cannot help but get upset when the characters do something that I know is not going work in their favor. Sometimes I think that they should have the sense to listen to their parents, guardians, and friends when they are trying to help them make the right choices.

Riley had to prove to Thugnificent he was worthy of being apart of The Lethal Injection Crew. With acceptance came a chain with the crew’s insignia in pendant form. I think that this was why Riley really wanted to be in The Lethal Injection Crew since he knew Granddad was not going to buy him a chain and he sure did not have the money for one. Also the benefits of being apart of a rapper’s crew was seen as glamorous to Riley.

Although Riley became apart of The Lethal Injection Crew he also became a target for his chain to be stolen. The school bully Butch Magnus Milosevic voiced by Daryl Sabara was prone to taking the things he wanted and not afraid of the consequences and honestly as big of kid that he is none of his classmates seem to be a true opponent in standing up to him. I was not surprised though by Riley when he did fight for his chain. Bullying has been going on for years and I think this was McGruder’s way of illustrating the sad reality that the negative way we treat our children can persuade them to become bullies or worst criminals.


Riley did not care that the chain was worthless but the status of him being a member of The Lethal Injection Crew. McGruder depicts the life of rappers and their entourage and the things people will do and say to be apart of the group. Riley chose to ignore his granddad and ultimately got a beat down for the reward of a chain for his initiation into Thugnificent’s crew. I rate this episode 4 out of 5.

The Boondocks Season 2 Epsiode 6: Attack of the Killer Kung-Fu Wolf B*tch

This episode is another attempt of Granddad trying to find love. Keeping up with the technological times, Granddad uses the ever so popular MySpace to search for a mate opposed to the many dating websites like that actually matches people with more compatible people. The only flaw that McGruder seem to find is the honesty these people who use these websites have. I mean some of the women who agreed to meet Granddad looked nothing like their profile pictures.

Granddad’s love life was not looking too bright although he still tried the internet dating and met another woman named Luna voiced by actor Aisha Tyler. Optimistic about her, Granddad invites her over for dinner and to met Huey and Riley. The title of the episode gave me the idea that she was crazy and I think that McGruder should have given it a different one.

The story of Luna, Killer Kung-Fu Wolf B*tch, seemed a little embellished being that she was one of the last Kung-Fu masters in the world. I can understand however, her unfortunate love life that led her to physically, emotionally, and mentally abusive men.

Her friend Nicole voiced by actress Tichina Arnold was no help either because she was really a detriment to Luna by instigating the situation and not trying to actually help her heal and improve herself. McGruder did convey Nicole’s role as the friend who think she is helping perfectly. I have had friends who are totally honest like Nicole but I rather be comforted during heartbreak unlike Luna who was just upset more by Nicole who was making her feel angry.

This anger led Luna to begin hating men but willing to find the one who would love her. I think she thought she would find that in Granddad. However, her true colors began to show and once she began to tell them she was a Kung-Fu master is when Granddad. Huey and Riley figured she was crazy. I mean she agreed to battle Huey who throughout the first and second season has been a kung-fu enthusiast. The fact that she beat Huey said a lot but the fact that she tied them up after Granddad lied about going away was hilarious.

In the future, if McGruder decides to do another episode of Granddad finding love I think it should definitely be one where he finds someone closer to his age who would be seen as a grandmother figure to Huey and Riley. It just seems weird for men to live together with no feminine touch especially since Huey and Riley are young and could use a nurturing figure. I rate this episode a 4 out of 5.

The Boondocks Season 1 Episode 12: Riley Wuz Here

The advent of public broadcasting stations gave television viewers the opportunity to learn while we watched a program. The public broadcasting service (PBS) that used to be the National Educational Service is viewer supported with commercial sponsors of specific programs. A program hosted by painter Bob Ross on PBS called The Joy of Painting mainly came to mind when I watched this episode when I got home from school. The likeness of the art teacher and of painter Bob Ross was definitely recognized in this episode.

The show really used to reel me in because of Ross’s talent to create a beautiful scene when he painted. I loved when he made water of any kind in his paining because he always got the reflection of the sky or trees just right in them that made the illusion of water. I tried to mimic his techniques in my high school art class but later found out I was not using the correct type of brushes.

Highlighting Riley’s artistic ability, this episode gives insight about his personality compared to Huey’s revolutionary one. I think that Riley is a visionary who uses art to envision the future unlike Huey who believes in conspiracies and government cover-ups only envisions the future based on the consequences of people not educating themselves and revolting against the government. I was not much interested in Huey’s experiment on whether television can negatively affect the health of black people who watch only black television programs like BET.

I think that Riley chose to graffiti because they lived in the urban part of Chicago, which tend to be littered with that type of art form like much of NYC. However, he needs a palette for his paintings and chooses the houses in Woodcrest and when he is caught Granddad forced him to take art lessons from the art teacher.

The art teacher who is voiced by well-known voice actor Rob Paulsen, I think his imitation of Bob Ross was great and would never have guess he voiced Pinky on the animated series Pinky and The Brain. Granddad trusts that Riley will not need to graffiti in the neighborhood if he takes art classes but the art teacher is all for letting Riley express himself artistically in any way he wants even if that means spray painting on their neighbors’ homes.

My favorite part of this episode was when Riley spray-painted a mural of what I want to presume a picture of his parents on their wedding day.  I rate this episode a 4 out of 5 because of the scene where Riley and the art teacher flee the scene (Riley’s house), the song by the sampling “Today” by Tom Scott by Pete Rock & CL Smooth They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y) which was the perfect soundtrack for the scene because it is about remembering someone you have lost. The mural Rile and his art teacher spray painted was of a couple he was reminiscing about that could be his parents which I still am not sure what happened to them and why they have not mentioned them yet.

The Boondocks Season 2 Episode 5: The Story of Thugnificent

Another rapper Thugnificent voiced by director of the cartoon series Carl Jones. He comes from a part of Georgia that was hard to grow up in called Terrible. The city has no police station and looks like it is wasting away. His story is being told on the MTV news program by MTV commentator Sway voiced by himself. Thugnificent is living of his royalties from his music especially because of the popularity of his song “Booty Butt Cheeks.” He moves into the Woodcrest neighborhood to show off his success.

Like Gangstalicious, Riley idolizes Thugnificent because the Hip Hop gangster lifestyle he lives and wants to become a part of his posse but not seem like he too eager to be around him and his friends. This could give Riley real version of his idol since Gangstalicious told Riley he never really wanted to be a gangster rapper and his apparent love affair with another gangster. Thugnificent is ecstatic about moving into Woodcrest and even stating that he is bringing the ghetto in the neighborhood.

I am beginning to wonder why Huey and Riley do not associate themselves with kids their age. Besides Jazmine, McGruder has not giving those friends their age. Huey who is mostly with Jazmine because they are similar in age does not seem to have anyone who shares his beliefs. Riley is either with Ed III and Rummy causing trouble or trying to find his idols who are rappers that are adults.

Thugnificent and his crew do not impress Granddad. He sees them as hooligans that are going to cause trouble in the Woodcrest neighborhood. He warns both Huey and Riley not to visit their new neighbor. The other neighbors however seemed interested in a celebrity that is moving into their neighborhood. Thugnificent in return of Granddad’s negativity towards him makes a song talking bad about Granddad called “F Granddad.”

Success does not last long and Thugnificent soon finds himself broke. Now back at square one he has to get a real job. Most rappers never have a real job other than street pharmacist also known as a drug dealer. He reverts to this form of employment but finds it hard to stay anonymous since he is rapper and people have seen him on TV before. I rated this episode a 4 out of 5 because if the portrait of celebrities in the media once they become famous and how people in upscale neighborhood acts when they get a celebrity neighbor.

The Boondocks Season 2 Episode 4: Stinkmeaner Strikes Back

Most people are skeptical about ghost being real and people’s spirits coming back to haunt the living. Personally, I think that it can happen especially if the person’s soul was very disturbed. It does not mean that all the ghost and spirits that linger here are evil, mean or want to cause harm. I think that they linger because they still have some attachment to this world and do not want to cross over to the other side. Huey seems to believe that people’s spirit cannot come back to haunt this world. When Stinkmeaner proves that he can take over Tom an easy target for a spirit like Stinkmeaner I, think Huey begins to doubt his assumptions.

Granddad is in much danger in this episode because in the episode Granddad’s Fight in season one, Granddad kills Stinkmeaner after their second round fight. I think he realized that the fight was unnecessary because Stinkmeaner was blind and was only willing to fight because he was a mean person. I also think he regrets killing Stinkmeaner as well because he did not have to lose his live for something Granddad could have resolved.

When Stinkmeaner takes over Tom his evilness tracks down Granddad and wants to kill him. As Granddad does his business in the latrine, Tom finds him, breaks down the bathroom door, and attacks him. Huey and Riley try to help fight off Tom possessed by Stinkmeaner.

Granddad does not know what to do to help Tom and get rid of Stinkmeaner. He enlists the help of Uncle Ruckus who does and exorcism on Tom. I rate this episode a 3 out of 5 I enjoyed the update on Stinkmeaner and Granddad’s conflict but nothing stood out to me as far as me wanting to watch it again.

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