The Boondocks Season 2 Epsiode 15: The Uncle Ruckus Reality Show

The follow-up to the last episode The Hunger Strike, this episode is about what the title says Uncle Ruckus’s show about the life of Ruckus. The head of BET Company suggested to Debra Leevil the president of the network that Ruckus should have his owns how. Leevil not only wants the shows on BET to be terrible and be evil. I think that McGruder had made the episode The Hunger Strike and The Uncle Reality Show all together and decided to make this portion the ending episode of the season.

Uncle Ruckus has a known hatred for black people and thinks that the color of his skin is a disease that turned his white skin darker. The show follows Ruckus throughout his neighborhood, around his home, and conveys his thoughts and anecdotes he seems to say within the series two seasons.

Tom encourages Ruckus to take a genealogy test but finds out that he is 100% African descent. He truly believed that he was not black but now he begins to come to terms with his identity. Instead being in denial, he does try imposing change on his fellow black man by telling some people who instead of complaining they should do something. He does however keep his tone of being racist toward his own kind but I guess he is used to being that way.

Saddened by his realization Ruckus does not want to live and even with the cameras following him the producers on site do not try to stop him until Wedgie Rudlin voiced by Donald Faison the main producer of the show stops him from doing so. He relates to Ruckus by not having much in common with the black community that he Debra Leevil, and Ruckus despise.

I think that the doctor who did Ruckus’s genealogy test was persuaded by the executives at BET to tell Ruckus his results were false because Ruckus seemed to embody their idea of destroying black people and doing and saying whatever to make that happen. At some point, they could use Ruckus to help them succeed but until McGruder makes that episode, we will never know. I think that I have more percent of white in my genes than Ruckus I doubt he is 50% Caucasian. I rate this episode a 4 out of 5.


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