The Boondocks Season 2 Episode 14: The Hunger Strike

I did not care for this episode very much because right before watching it I had watched the Anniversary episode of my only favorite BET show 106 & Park. I liked the show since it first began and thought of it as the BET version of TRL. I was so upset however that they got new hosts nothing against Rocsi and Terrance but I liked the dynamic between the first hosts Free and AJ.

In this episode, Riley is convinced that the president of the BET network Debra Leevil voiced by comedian Debra Wilson wants the destruction of black people. The network is a vessel in which she can influence the black community to self-destruct and Huey speaks to the media in order to get his message about his hunger strike out to other black people in his community. All this does is attracts Rev. Rollo Goodlove who only seems to be in it for profit. He claims he wants to help Huey but only allows his scandals to be mixed up with Huey’s boycott of the BET network.

Granddad and Riley are not supportive and continue to eat while Huey is on his hunger strike. Huey’s determination and sacrifice seems to pay off when black people begin to join the boycott of the BET network. However, the boycott ended when Rev. Goodlove sold out to get his own television show on BET. The network had not given into any of Huey’s demands and exploited Rev. Goodlove in the process. I rate this episode a 3 out of 5.


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