The Boondocks Season 2 Episode 13: The story of Gangstalicious 2

The sequel episode to season one’s episode The Story of Ganstalicious, I at least knew who the episode was going to be about. Riley still friends with Ganstalicious after the trouble they got into before showed that he was his true fan.

This episode picks up where the last one does of Riley telling Huey about Ganstalicious kissing his lover Lincoln. Riley is oblivious to the fact that Ganstalicious is gay. He cannot see that his favorite rapper likes men. I think this is why he still keeps in contact with Ganstalicious. Huey tries to convince Riley that Gangstalicious is gay and even that Riley thinks that other people are gay.

Granddad believes that Ganstalicious has influenced him to be gay. Ganstalicious releases a song call “ Homies Ova Hoes” which Riley and other rappers like Thugnificent and his Lethal Injection Crew believe that it means putting your male friends over everyone else. I think that McGruder began to address the bro-mance a loving relationship between two male friends that many men have nowadays.

The success of his single “Homies Ova Hoes” led Gangstalicious to creating his own line of clothing. It is evident from his clothing line that Gangstalicious is not designing for gangsters. Riley gets some samples of the clothes and because of his membership to Thugnificent’s Lethal Injection Crew he wants Gangstalicious to allow Thugnificent to do the remix to his song “Homies Ova Hoes.” Riley, Thugnificent, his crew and other young Gangstalicious fans wear his fashions. I do not know how any of them did not realize they are wearing girl clothes. I mean tank tops that expose your stomach, shorts with the flap over the front, and pearls are definitely the things that I have sometime in my life as a female.

Everything seems great until a video model releases her tell all book about her life sleeping with rappers. She writes that Gangstalicious is gay which make Riley think that people might think he is gay and Thugnificent is left to wonder whether he should do the remix. Riley comes to the realization that Gangstalicious is gay but Granddad comforts him because he is only a child who is trying to understand his sexuality once his favorite rapper/idol is proven to be gay. I rate this episode a 4 out of 5.


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  1. professor Dunphy
    Dec 13, 2010 @ 20:14:05


    I have read a bunch of blogs — they’re good. Your TA said you did well but I think your work in the 1st & 2nd blog posts were better than this set…

    Look at this from an earlier post:

    “Watching this episode in the library café in the Whitehall building made me begin to think about friendships. As I sipped my iced tea and ate my McDonalds, I also thought about my friendships with people. When most people think of a true friend, they think of their friend who is trustworthy and honest. They share a mutual understanding of that person and have the tendency to want the best for you. They speak the truth when no one else seems to want to tell you. The most essential part is the reciprocal relationship between people in a friendship. This relationship if positive reflects a positive friendship. In this new day and age people, get involved with other people who are not true friends. The term we have coined for this is “frienemies”, the combination of friends and enemies. It is the negative and competitive version of a friendship, much like a rivalry that may seem unhealthy socially for the person who is negatively affected by the friendship.”

    WHERE is this!?!?!? This is fantastic… seems like you ran out of steam as the project went on…

    I like the work you did in this project.

    I’ll have your grade by Tuesday.


    Professor Dunphy


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