The Boondocks Season 2 Episode 12: The Story of Catcher Freeman

The story of Catcher Freeman is still not clear to me after Uncle Ruckus’s, Granddad’s, and Huey’s account of who he was besides the fact that he was Granddad’s great-great-great-grandfather. It saddens me that I might never find out the part of Africa my ancestors belonged. Black Americans mainly have the history of their southern ancestors that were shipped to the United States for the slave trade.

Many people believed that the Holocaust did not happen much like Riley did not believe that slavery happened. I think he denied it because he does not want to face the ugly history of America. I honestly wished it had not happened because it spawned a life of a word discussed in the episode The S-Word.

Catcher Freeman voiced by actor Donald Faison was a black slave yet the son of his white master. Lighter skinned children of slaves came from the rapes that slave masters did because slaves were considered the property of the slave owner. He would be known as a house nigger because he was lighter than the other slaves in those times. He was more educated than the other slaves because he had access to the literature in the house and maybe because his father was the slave master. However when one slave who seem to be like their Harriet Tubman a woman named Thelma Freeman voice by actress Crystal Scales was willing to rise up and convince the other slaves to do so as well in order to seek freedom.

Ruckus’s account of Catcher Freeman’s life was far-fetched and only relays his hatred for black people. Granddad’s story seemed to make Cather seem more courageous and heroic, because of Ruckus’s story, I think Granddad inflated his story a bit. Huey’s story seemed more factual because it was from an internet source. I think I believe Huey’s story most because he is the most rational character in the cartoon series. I rate this episode a 4 out of 5.


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