The Boondocks Season 2 Episode 11: The S-Word

I honestly thought the S-word the title meant was sh*t but after watching this episode McGruder clearly was taking about the N-word. This episode introduces the media enthusiastic activist Rev. Rollo Goodlove voiced by rapper Cee-Lo. The similarities to Rev. Al Sharpton is noticed but may have been embellished by McGruder.

We give words meaning in our society and the culture in which the word is used will be deemed negative or positive. The N-word is one word that was meant to hurt, demean, and oppress a group of people during slavery and well after the civil rights movement. Now I think people still let history allow them to hold onto a word whose meaning was negative but use it as a term of endearment with other black Americans although they get upset when another race uses the word.

Riley took advantage of this in this episode and accused his teacher Mr. Petto of calling him the N-word in class. The teacher did call him the N-word but only because he thought that black people use the word so it was all right for him to use it. Riley and Granddad alert activist Rev. Rollo Goodlove in order to get money from the board of education for I am guessing is emotional distress. Neither Riley , Granddad nor anyone need to exploit the school system that way because its bad enough there is not much money to fund publics schools in the first place.

It seemed after watching this episode not only did Riley and Granddad want to cash in on this incident so did Rev. Goodlove and other media personalities like Ann Culter voiced by Jill Talley. Although once the board of education declined to give them any money Rev. Goodlove was off to setting off his next claim to fame with a book and a possible TV show. I rate this episode 4 out of 5.


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