The Boondocks Season 2 Episode 10: Home Alone

The title to me gave me the idea of the holiday classic Home Alone starring Macaulay Culkin. After watching I realized that McGruder only used the same title and the fact that the boys were home alone but not the plot of the movie. Granddad leaves the boys home alone to go on vacation, which I think he was wanting sometime away from Huey and Riley who can be a handful.

The boys were basically blacklisted from all babysitting websites and Granddad found a flaw in the babysitter that he thought was perfect for the position. Uncle Ruckus was asked to watch Huey and Riley while Granddad was away. I think that even though Uncle Ruckus hates black people and himself for being black, he finds friendship in Granddad. This is probably the only reason why he agreed to watch Huey and Riley because in the first episode Ruckus was opposed to the idea of the Freeman’s especially the boys moving into Woodcrest.

Of course, Huey and Riley are not happy they have a babysitter nor that Granddad has gone on vacation without them. I think that Huey blames Riley for driving Granddad away and thinks that he is not coming back home. It was notable that they work best together evident when they succeeded in getting rid of Ruckus. However, their coordination seemed no more once Huey realized that he had to take charge of the house because he is the oldest. Riley on the other hand wanted to be wild and out of control and not thinking about the consequences of him being so.

It was very funny to me that in order to keep Riley from acting out Huey ties him up and even goes so far as to putting him in the closet. The constant surveillance on Riley has left Huey tired and unfocused which leads to Riley escaping. I think if they had worked together once they got rid of Ruckus then they would be lest worried about whether or not Granddad would com home. They could have cleaned up, spent the money on food, and rationed it until they heard from Granddad in my opinion. In real life however, a good neighbor like Tom who is a district attorney would have called child services and the boys would be put in a foster home because of Granddad’s actions. I rate this episode a 4 out of 5.


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